About the Author

Hello readers! My name is Austin. Simply put, I'm always looking for adventure. What kind of adventure? I'm talking traveling everywhere for the best parasailing, free climbing, backpacking, and cliff diving I can find. That's the dream anyway. I am currently very limmited/unable to pursue these things. My history is quite typical.  I grew up in an agricultural town in rural South Dakota. I have always had big dreams and high aspirations. You could say that I am a bit of everything. A jack of all trades type. I have been an aventurer and a wanderer. I have been a builder, a creator, inventor, and robotics tech. I've also been a soldier, an athlete, and a leader. Now I am a van dweller, blogger, and college student! 

I have started this blog to share my own journey and to help inspire others to free themselves. The goal is to provide readers with everything they need to know to pursue this dream while also supplying the motivation to actually take the leap. So many people are stuck in the rat race, living paycheck to paycheck, too busy to actually enjoy and see the world they live in. I plan to document my own and others experiences through this blog to help other eager van dwellers to do the same.

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