About the Van

The van is a 1997 Dodge 3500 passenger van. It's still in progress but she's up and running! As far as repairs it has received new spark plugs and wires, cap and rotor, fuel pump, fuel injectors, computer, all new sensors, alternator, and battery. Alot of work? Yes! But the entire thing up until now has only cost me about 1,100 dollars. As you can see the van has a homemade roof extension which was entirely built with left over/resused building materials. The roof adds about 22" to the height making it easy to stand at my full stature. I have plans to use fiberglass and epoxy to give it a more waterproof and aesthetic appearance. The interior is all wood with a rustic finish and style constructed almost entirely using salvaged barn wood and pallets. The walls, celing, and floor are all nearly complete but I ran out of time before I could finish the cabinets, shelves, and kitchenette area. I'll continue building as I live in it when I have the time and resources. 

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