(Insert exciting level up sound) +5,000 XP!! YES!

Congratulations! You’ve just unlocked the Nomadic Dweller skill! These 10 personality traits might have you second guessing everything you knew about the nomadic vehicle dweller. You’ve gained the following passive abilities:

Hint: Be aware of parking signs to avoid fines or tickets (totally not speaking from personal experience😉)

1. DIY Master

Zero day for any van lifer involves the construction of a unique and utilitarian interior. Sure, some source out this step but most take pride in building their own home on wheels. As you can imagine it’s no easy task. The typical setup includes all the comforts of home but in a tenth of the space! Pulling off such an engineering feat requires a DIY level over 9000! It takes a rudimentary knowledge of everything from woodwork, to plumbing and electrical. So, if you need help designing or building something chances are a van builder has already done it.

2. Navigation Guru

Have you ever been lost? Chances are the average van dweller has too. In the beginning perhaps but after many miles of travel navigation has become a sixth sense. Be it cities, national parks, or even other countries you can trust these nomads to get you anywhere.

3. Hidden Location Sense

Whether your looking for natural wonders or secret city hangouts it’s likely that these travelers have found somewhere unforgettable. The goal of many a nomad is to find spectacular locations that most people don’t know about or ever discover. Due to months or even years of searching you can bet that they have an exclusive list. Good luck getting them to tell you though!

4. Wilderness Explorer

See those National Park stickers on the back? All 58 of them? Yup, that’s the vagabond resume. Each has their own passions. Mountain climbing, kayaking, trail hiking, backpacking, parasailing, white water rafting, surfing, you name it there’s a nomad who’s an expert in it. Lot’s of van dwellers chose the lifestyle solely on the premise of being closer and more available to do these activities and pursue their passion for it. Traveling to find the best waves or the most spectacular mountain peaks. So, if you need a subject expert these folks are some of the best.

5. Local Linguist

Leave it to the nomad to find you the best place to eat or the coolest local attractions. Over time they have found the key to a great time is to become friends with the locals. Each new place can lead you into an entirely different and amazing direction then you planned under the guidance of those who know the area best. Partly tying into the hidden location skill, they will always make the most of any location.

6. Outdoorsman

Overtime these folks have learned a thing or two about the outdoors. Not just how to climb, paddle, or hike but they also know how to swing an axe. Getting stranded anywhere is no problem. The extensive list of skills might include fire-starting, land navigation, wild animal and plant knowledge, first aid, hunting or fishing, weather patterns, and other wilderness survival skills. No need to worry about getting stranded. Van nomads are comfortable anywhere.

7. Crisis Wizard

Any adventure has its ups and downs. Problem-solving skills will decide how bad the downs really are. Dwellers really know how to roll with the punches. After the inevitable breakdown or problem these folks have learned how to overcome obstacles like a champ. Ask anyone and they will have plenty of humorous stories to share about a sticky situation. So next time you’re in a bind consider giving one a call. They might just have the answer you were looking for.

8. Mechanic’s Hands

As previously mentioned vans breakdown. Often at the most inconvenient times. Sometimes a roll of duct tape and a few zip ties become your best friend. Besides handling these emergency repairs there’s plenty of maintenance as well. Living in a vehicle means knowing how to take care of it. From changing oil to rebuilding a transmission there’s a van dweller that knows how to do it.

9. Photogenisis

Is Photogenisis a word? No? Well it is now. Your welcome. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of wonderfully built van interiors. You know, the ones with the back doors open overlooking some extravagant scenery. Or the one of a perfectly posed girl cooking something with their pull out kitchenette. Maybe an aerial shot of a van driving down a winding road. Yeah, their Instagram game is hella strong. Now, that might be because some live off those likes and shares but it’s not always about the social media. Traveling all over to these beautiful places means lot’s of pictures to capture it. Over time you just get pretty good at it.

10. Gallivanter’s Heart

And lastly and probably most relevant. The gallivanter’s heart. By definition; this represents someone who wanders from place to place in pursuit of amusement, fun, or adventure. The folks who do this have a passion for it. Traveling to new places, trying new things, experiences different cultures, its all in the pursuit of adventure. That’s what it’s truly about. Seeing what’s over that next hill, watching the sun set on a hundred different horizons, existing to live and not living to exist. Doing what you love with who you love and enjoying everything life can offer. What does that mean? Lots of adventurous, down to earth, friendly people. 


My advice? Play the Nomadic Van Dweller class. Totally OP.
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