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Have you ever visited or seen pictures of a millionaire's home? There's a secret hidden behind the high end property, expensive cars, and luxury accommodations. You see, self made millionaires are just that. Self Made. After reading through dozens of success stories I have found one common trait. Successful people invest in themselves. I would guess that somewhere tucked away you would find shelves of business, and personal development books. Most millionaires have invested extensively in their education through books, seminars, classes, and so forth. Of course there are many other factors involved in becoming successful but you must be willing to learn what you don't know in order to succeed. Think about it like this. One book could equal years of personal experiences and a lifetime of research compounded into one readable format. Quite valuable right?


So we know how much reading and learning can benefit us long term but it takes time to attend classes, read books, watch videos, etc. Working or going to school full time leaves little room for excess material when factoring in social life, family, and leisure time. It can also be mentally exhausting to spend hours studying and memorizing material. Visually, over time its easy for our eyes to become tired or stressed from reading page after page.


So if there is no time what can I do? The simple answer is audio books. Audio books are simply books that are dictated and presented in an audible format. Much like having someone read it to you. Think about how much auditory dead space there actually is in a given day. Some examples might include commuting to work or campus, a lunch break, long road trips, grocery shopping, waiting in line, and my personal favorite is while working. My job is truthfully very monotonous and dull and it's loud so I have to wear ear plugs. So to make time pass by and to make use of that time I invested in some $20 Plugphones. These are earplugs with headphones inside that are expertly disguised as normal hearing protection. A little bit mischievous, yes, but they still meet OSHA standards and don't interfere with my ability to work.   Since the task I perform requires almost no mental focus its easy to multitask and listen to books on any topic I choose. That's a ten hour shift worth of silence that I have capitalized on! Lately I have been learning vast amounts of knowledge about online marketing, business strategies, and investing. So you could say I'm getting paid to learn how to make more money!  The job I am physically performing could almost be considered passive income while I learn how to become financially independent and ditch the rat race. Since I  first implemented this technique I have absorbed an average of about five books a week without sacrificing my social life, gym time, or leisure activities. I encourage you to take advantage of auditory dead space and maximize your learning capabilities! If you enjoyed this life-hack please feel free to subscribe below  to receive an email each time I post a new article or drop in once in awhile to see what's new. 

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